Click on the Advanced Setup module and choose Provider Off-Time. Select a Provider from the list and click the Search button to view or edit any existing off-time information.

Click on the  button to add new Off Time information.


Enter the details as mentioned below:

Off Time Information
a) Enter the Off-Time Type; choose either Vacation/Sick/Emergency/Hospital Visit/OFF TIME/Other from the list.

b) Select the Provider you are entering the off-time for from the drop down list.

c) Enter the Start Date and End Date.

d) Enter the Start Time and the End Time.

e) Select Off Time days.

Emergency Contact Information
Under this section enter the Contact Information of the Provider during the Off-Time.

Enter the Phone Numbers and the E-mail ID (optional) of the provider.

Relieving Provider Information
Under this section, enter the status of the practice during the off-time (Closed/Open):

If the practice will be closed during the Off time, please set the Practice Status to Practice is Closed. (The Billing type and Relieving Provider tags will not function and are disabled if the practice is closed.)
If the practice will be open during the Off time, set the Practice Status to Practice is Open.
(i) Select the Billing Type during the Off time from the list.
(ii) If the relieving Provider is from the same Practice, set the Relieving Provider Source to Same Practice otherwise set it to Other Practice.
(iii) To enter the Relieving Provider Name , click on the search search_button button and choose the provider from the list. If the provider name is not available in the list, you can add a new relieving provider by clicking on the New button.

After you have made the changes, click on the Save button and click OK on the confirmation box that appears, the Provider Off Time detail will be saved.