1. From the Clinical Desktop screen, click on the Appointment tab.
The screen showing the list of appointments scheduled for the current date will be displayed as shown below. By default all appointments with CONFIRMED and CHECKED IN status will be displayed.

The appointment list will display the details relating to the appointment like Time, Patient (name), Reason (for visit), Status, Exam Room and RP (Rendering Provider) etc for each patient.
2. You have the option to choose the type of appointments that you wish to view, choose either (ALL, CONFIRMED, CHECKED IN or CHECKED OUT).
3. To view the appointments for a particular Provider or Legal Entity, select the Legal Entity and the Provider from their respective boxes. The appointment tab will be updated and the new list of appointments will be displayed.
4. Use the Previous and Next buttons to look for appointments preceding or following the current date.
5. To view the Electronic Medical Record for a patient, simply click on the name of the patient from the list, the Electronic Medical Record screen will appear as shown below.