Now you can make a quick Payment Entry directly from the Payment Posting screen itself. There is no need to switch between Payment Entry and Payment Posting screens.


number01_32x32  To make a quick Payment Entry from this screen, select the New option from the Payment area.
number02_32x32  Enter the payment related details (explained below).
number03_32x32  Click in the Patient box to save this payment entry.
number04_32x32  A payment number will automatically be assigned for this payment entry.

1. To make a quick Payment Entry from this screen, select the New option from the Payment area.

2. Legal Entity and Status will already be selected by default, but it can be changed if required.

3. Click on the Provider box and select the Provider from the list.

4. Enter the PSTS# if applicable.

PSTS# is the abbreviation for PracticeSuite Ticketing System. If you are using the ticketing system, enter the ticket number for this payment entry. This ticket number will be displayed as a link while editing payment entry. If you are logged in to the PracticeSuite Ticketing System, you can click on this link to open the particular ticket and view the details/files pertaining to this payment entry.


5. Choose the Acct Date (Accounting Date), Entry Date and the Pmt Date (Payment Date)

tip 24x24 You can edit the Payment Date and Acct Date later and change the Payment date to reflect the date that you actually received the check/payment. You can also change the Accounting Date so that the transactions appear on the dates of your preference. The current date is set as the Entry Date by default and cannot be edited.

6. Select the appropriate Collected by option i.e. Front Office or Billing Office.

7. Enter the amount received in the Total Amt box. The Applied Amt and On-Account Amt and will be updated according to the Payment Posting performed.

8. Click in the Pmt Type box and choose the correct payment type i.e. either REFUND/ COPAY/ DEDUCTIBLE/ PREPAYMENT/ LIEN/ CLAIM/ COPAY/DEDUCTIBLE/SELF PAY etc.

9. Choose the correct Payer and enter the payer Code.

10. In the Name box, enter the first three letters of the payer to search for payer name. Select the payer name from the list that appears.

gr_pin For e.g., if the payment type is a claim, select CLAIM in the Pmt box. The Payer will automatically be updated to INSURANCE. Enter the payer Code and click in the Name box to search for the name of the payer. The data in the Name box will automatically be updated to match the payer type.

11. Click in the Method box and choose the method of payment from the list. The details to be entered will vary according to the pay Method selected, see table below.

CASH Enter the Amount in the box provided.
CHECK The check number is compulsory, enter the number in the Check # box.
CREDIT CARD The credit card number is compulsory, enter the number in the Credit Card # box.
EFT PAY EFT is the abbreviation for Electronic Funds Transfer. The card number is compulsory for EFT payments, enter the Card number in the # box.

12. To save this payment entry, click in the Patient box in the Search Encounter Lines area. On clicking in the Patient box, the payment entry will be saved and a Payment# will automatically be allotted for this payment.

You can continue directly to payment posting now by selecting a Patient from this box.