There are two procedures to set up a reminder for missed appointments.

Procedure I: Setting up a reminder

Procedure II: Adding the required details for the reminder to be sent.

Procedure I

Click on Advanced Setup and choose Appt. Reminders to open Appointment Reminder Configuration.

Appointment Notification/ Reminder window will open up where you can enter the required details for the reminder. Appointment reminder setup4

Select the Appointment Status And Type Specific option and enter the following details below.

From (E-Mail) The sender email address that displays in the reminder.
Auth. Mail Mail ID from which alert is sent.
Auth. Password The password of the authorization mail.
Mail Host Host address of authorization mail.
Subject Subject of alert message send to patient.
Message The alert message that is to be sent to the patient.
Send The alert should be sent, to the patient prior to the selected days/hours before the scheduled appointment
Enable To enable/disable the alert

Save the Appt. Reminder page after entering all details.

Procedure II

Click on Setup and select Legal Entity from the menu.

Choose the Legal entity for which appt. reminder has to be sent on appointment cancellation and click on Legal Entity Settings against that LE.

Select the option “Charge Penalty for Missed Appointment”

Select the message template which is to be sent with the missed appointment reminder. [Combo box shows the letters with group code APPOINTMENT-REMINDER.]

Save the Legal Entity Options.

Appointment Reminders will be sent from the next valid log in onwards.