1. Login to PracticeSuite as provider Tom Mcquinn, from the menu on the left, choose->EMR->Clinical Desktop. Click the Patient tab to open the Patient Search page. Type the name of the patient, the patients list will be displayed below. Click on the name of the patient from the list to start charting. Select the Internal Medicine Sheet and click New Consultation Chart button.

2. Patient specific education resources are defined using predefined rules and criteria from the PCWF/CDSS module.

Click on PCWF from the main menu and choose CDSS Master. In the Patient Care Workflow screen that appears Add the rule criteria for patient education. Click on the CDSS Scheduler and select the rule from the list on the left and click on the Add Schedule button. Set the Action code as LETTER and select the Letter name from the list and click the Save button.

3. Open the patient chart and enter data elements included in the patient’s test data. Save this chart as pending, in the page that appears, the patient-specific education resources will be provided on this page as electronic documents in PDF format. Click on the PDF icon to print/view/download the education resource.

Click on the Current Chart Tab and select the Patient Education listed under PLAN in the menu and choose the appropriate option.