Click on the Security module and select User, the User Account Information page will be displayed as shown below.



The User Account Information page comprises of two tabs (pages) namely, Main and User Info.

Follow the instructions give below and enter the required information under the Main tab:

Authentication Information:-
PracticeSuite features a role based menu access system which automatically assigns a preset menu according to the type of user selected.

  • To create a new User, the Create New User check box check button should be enabled (the Username field will be disabled when registering a New user).
  • In the Person Type box, choose the type of access that this user will be permitted i.e ADMINISTRATOR/BILLING/FRONT OFFICE ASSISTANT/MEDICAL ASSISTANT/ PRACTICE/ PROVIDER.For example:- If the Person Type selected is PROVIDER, the menu for this user will be immediately updated as shown in the image above. The structure of the menu will change according to the role of the Person Type selected.
  • If required you can enter a small description of this user in the Description box.
  • Choose the Primary Legal entity from the list.
  • Enter a Password for this user and Retype the password in the Confirm box for confirmation. The minimum password length accepted by the system is 5 characters. The password should also contain one upper case letter and three numerals (e.g. Mary123).
  • In the Password Access Allowed (in days) box enter the number of days the user will be allowed access with this password. This security feature allows to restrict the number of days the user will be allowed access.
  • Select the Active Start Date and End Date for this user.
  • Enter the Last name and First name and Middle name of the user.
  • Enter an Email Address and a Email Password for this user in their respective boxes

After entering all the necessary information, click the Save button, the user details will be saved and the role based menu will be created.

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