To add authorization to a patient’s account, access the Authorization screen from the Patient Demographics page. Below are the steps to complete the action.

1. Select Patient from the main menu.

2. Search for the patient (see Image 1).

Image 1

3. Click on the patient name to open the Patient Demographics page.

4. Click on the Authorization option (highlighted in Image 2) to access the screen.

Image 2

There are two sections on the authorization screen – the top part shows Existing Authorizations, and the bottom section shows Authorization Information (see Image 3).  The bottom section contains the fields used to add a new authorization or edit information on an existing authorization.

Image 3

5. Click on the symbol at the top right of the screen to open a blank authorization page.

Image 4

6. On the Authorization Information section, enter the following information.

Payer: Name of the Insurance providing the authorization. (highlighted in Image 4).

Auth.#: Unique authorization number (highlighted in Image 4).

Status: Authorization Status. If Status is set to ‘Authorized,’ then ‘Date Authorized’ is populated with the current date.

Effective Date Start & End: Date range in which this authorization is valid.

Visits Allowed: The total number of visits allowed under this authorization.

Visits Used: Number of authorized visits used outside this practice.

Note: If the Acc. Type in the Demographics page is set to “Insurance,” ensure the insurance selected here matches the insurance added for the patient.

7. After you enter the values to the fields, hit the Save button. The new authorization will now appear on your patient’s list.  Creating an authorization auto triggers an alert that becomes visible when selecting the patient in the Charges and Payments screens.

Note: It is essential to link the authorization to the applicable visits.

The authorization’s utilization is automatically tracked by the system when a charge containing the authorization is posted. Every use of an authorization reduces the Visits Remaining from the total number of Visits Allowed.