1. Login to PracticeSuite as a user with admin rights, from the menu on the left, choose->EMR->Clinical Desktop. Click the Patient tab to open the Patient Search page. Search for the patient by entering the Last Name, First Name, Home Phone, MR# or DOB. Double click on the patient name form the list to start charting.

2. Select a Consultation Sheet and click on the New Consultation Chart button on the top to start charting. To add medications, click on Prescription, listed under Subjective in the left menu. The Compose Rx screen will appear. Enter name of the medication in the Drug Search box and click the search button. From the list that appears, choose the appropriate medication. Enter the dosing, select number, sig, etc. and click the Save Rx button to go back to the Compose Rx screen. Click on the Take complete Rx to Review page button. Drug-Drug and Drug- Allergy alerts based on the medication and allergy list will be displayed on this page.




3. To Adjust notifications for Drug/Allergy Interactions, Click on the Admin tab and select Adjust Individual Drug and Allergy Interaction Display from the Account Settings box. The Individual Drug Interaction and Allergy display Adjustment screen will appear.




Enter drug pairs to view interactions and eliminate Yellow and Red highlighting as displayed on the Review page. Select the Eliminate All Red Highlighting From Allergies option to disable the red highlighting for Drug- Allergy interactions.




4. Logout of the EHR and login again as a user with restricted access to notifications (users with Person Type as NURSE NORX and FRONT OFFICE ASSISTANT have  restricted access to adjust notifications). Go to the Clinical Desktop and search for the patient and open the patient chart. Click onPrescription, listed under Subjective in the left menu. The Compose Rx screen will appear. Click on the Admin tab. All the options to adjust notifications in the Account Settings box will be disabled.