1. Login to PracticeSuite, from the menu on the left, choose-> EMR-> Clinical Desktop. Click the Patient tab to open the Patient Search page. Type the name of the patient, the patients list will be displayed below. Click on the name of the patient from the list to open the chart.

2. Select the Consultation Sheet and click on the New Consultation Chart button on the top to start charting. To add active or current medications, click onMedication listed under Subjective from the menu on the left. The Med Entry screen will appear. Enter name of the medication in the Drug Search box and click the search button. From the list that appears, choose the appropriate medication. Click on the EDIT button to enter the dosing. Select number, sig, and adjust the directions or pre-calculated 30-day supply as needed. After entering the dosing, click the Save Rx button to back to the previous screen.

Enter all the active medications in the same manner and then click on the Select to Move to Current Meds button to add to current active medication list.


3. To modify patient medications. From the Med Entry screen, click on the EDIT button next to each medication to modify it. Click the Save Rx button after making the necessary modifications.

4. To retrieve the patient active medication list, open the Med Entry screen to display the active mediation list for the patient under Current Medication.

5. From the Med Entry screen, select the Discontinued / Previous option listed at the bottom of the current medication area. The previous and discontinued medication will also be displayed below.